Light Copy-edit (p/h)


A professional editor reads your document and marks up basic corrections and further suggestions.



Our Light Copy-edit service provides you with a professional writer/editor to read your document. The editor will mark up your document with corrections and suggestions. This process will allow you (and us) to determine whether your copy requires medium or heavy editorial attention.

➤ $75.00 AUD per hour (2000 words) e.g., 4000 words, pay $150.00
➤ Book now and we will contact you regarding your documents same business day (Mon-Sat)


professional editing features

pro edit light

Basic proofreading? Words like basic can mislead. How about a synonym: fundamental. You need a proofreader, one last Sherlock, an expert idiot savant editor who loses sleep over semi-colons and tautologies (a concave dent . . . no, really?)

A Dynamic Text editor obsesses over your final document and flags any errors and/or inconsistencies. The author resolves ✓ 

$75.00 per hour
(2000 words)

pro edit medium

Based on our reading ease analysis a Dynamic Text editor will focus on clear concise copy, engaging stylistics, logical narrative structure, spelling and grammatical consistency. We provide a complete edit with comprehensive comments. Author resolves and returns documents for our basic final proofreading service (included) ✓ 


pro edit heavy

Total MS annihilation analysis. We provide astute, critical readers, writers and editors. Working with the author a Dynamic Text editor will enhance, polish and refine the MS for publication. Fact checking, grammar, punctuation and word choice … only light-weights. The heavy editor: simultaneously your silent partner and the Nth degree of a critical reader ✓ 


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